Investors aren’t just about money

One of the difficult things about starting a business is finding the right investors. Many people sit there and think they can achieve anything as long as they’re given a bit of cash. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. An investor isn’t just a pound note, they’re an important part of the cog that makes a business tick.

I myself really enjoy liaising with investors even during the hard times. They bring clarity and sometimes a lot more understanding than people give them credit for. I personally like to keep in touch with my investors on a weekly basis, whether that’s a simple ‘hello, how are you?’ Or ‘this is the challenge this week’ or ‘this is the success this week’. A good investor wants to know and a great investor cares about you.

So many people take people’s money and run. Don’t be one of them. You treat an investors money like your own, take care of it, even sleep with it if you have too and your investor will take note. Remember you never know when you might need their little black book, or their advice or even a follow up investment.

Find the right investor and the world is an easier place. Remember people aren’t just pound notes.