It’s all about tuck shops

It’s been over a year since I last blogged and wow what a year it’s been. Life has changed at the speed of light with new horizons and sun setting on old stories.

I believe last time I blogged was about my youngest business experiences!

During the time I was selling umbrellas, like Dell Boy on a street corner, I had a friend come to me about starting a tuck shop at my secondary school. My secondary school, Marshalls Park, was split over two campuses. One had the first three years in, which was situated at the top of my mum and dads road and the other was a mile away and it had the top two years.

Both schools obviously had a canteen, but no vending machines or tuck shops. In my third year of school my friend came to me and said he’d had permission from the headmaster to start a tuck shop, he said his dad agreed to front him the money and they knew where they could get the sweets. The problem he had was he lived 4 miles away from the school, his dad left for work so early he couldn’t help him deliver the sweets to the school every day. This is where I came in, he wanted to use my mum and dads garage as a storage facility. With the experience I was gaining selling the umbrellas I learnt quickly how to haggle and learnt everything has a price. So I told him to make me an offer of how much he was going to pay me to use the garage.

Initially he offered me silly amounts like £5 per week and eventually he went up to £5 per day. Being in the stronger position of not needing the money and having the home ‘advantage’ I got him to draw up his potential sales, which of course he didn’t really know how to do and told him I’d charge a percentage on his income rather than a flat fee. Going by his numbers this turned out to be approximately £10 so he was bemused, but he agreed and off we went.

For a boy making the odd £50 here and there when he wasn’t in school and it was raining it turned out to be very lucrative. In it’s first week I made over £35 and this continued to grow. For over 18 months we had the tuck shop going to the point I’d often make over £150 per month. This from doing nothing. I was very pleased with myself.

During this exciting time the school was keeping very close tabs on what we were doing and saw the money he was making. No one knew I was housing all the stock as I made sure we agreed no one would know. If they had I’d have everyone trying to burgle my house for a mars bar.

They eventually invested and built out their own tuck shop and closed us down, but it was great fun whilst it lasted.