Houston we have a problem…


As mentioned before I’ve been in the Windows Phone ecosystem from the start with the HTC Titan running Windows Phone 7, the Lumia 1020 and now Lumia 930. Both the Lumia’s had serious over heating issues. I sent the 1020 back once and the 930 back twice all for overheating. Seems like that overheating bug isn’t being sorted as Wednesday, travelling back to the office from meetings, I pulled my shiny new Lumia 950 out of my pocket and wow was it hot. It had obviously been sitting doing something in the back ground working over time for a couple of hours, which is strange as there were no apps working in the background. Before I knew it I’d gone from full charge that morning to 30% battery within 4 hours. I’m surprised it hadn’t burnt a hole in my pocket it was that hot.

As mentioned I’ve sent a few phones back and they all eventually get fixed, but looking through forums on the net and talking to a few contacts it seems this issue isn’t really being taken seriously at Microsoft and now there is a large amount of people having the same issue, but starting to make a lot more noise.

Being so late to the smart device/phone party and building from the ground up like they have with Windows 10 I would have thought needless things like this would happen. A lot of people are blaming the Snapdragon processor for overheating, but Qualcomm are disputing this heavily. However, looking at the other devices running this processor not all are overheating. I think Microsoft obviously knew that there could potentially be an overheating issue as they went for liquid cooling for the XL, but even this device is getting too hot looking at the amount of threads opened up about the issue.

Overall, this is not the school boy error I expected on the new flagship device. I’ve done a hard reset so I’ll keep you in the loop as the test continues.

The test goes on… 🙂




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